How Do We Calculate How Much You Should Charge?

We look at a combination of your follower count, engagement & area of influence to give you guidelines on how much to charge brands for partnerships. We give you a minimum guideline for Feed & Story Posts. Of course, these are guidelines to ensure you are not charging too little. This maintains your value and the value of other creators.


Why Do You Need A Rate Card?

We found that the hardest part of monetising a platform is knowing what to charge and because there are no set rates for brand partnerships, there is no "one size fits all." Our experts will provide you with minimum guideline rates for your current platform so you know you are valuing your platform correctly. You'll also get an E-boss professional rates card which you can send as part of your brand partnership negotiations.



You will also get a free email template bundle which will have templates for all of your brand partnerships negotiations such as "Reaching out to brands" "Asking for Payment" etc.


Why do you only provide a "minimum guideline"?

Your rate card is intended to provide with general guidance based on your engagement and following on instagram and is accurate to the time of submission. It is intended to give you an estimate of your rates when engaging with brands based on normative data from similar accounts. Of course, there are limitations because there are many other determining factors that are required for an accurate price for a specific campaign - this service is not intended for this purpose. This is why we only provide a minimum guideline and not a maximum exact figure because we would need ALOT more information to do this.


Can I change the design of the rate card?


At the moment this is not possible - but you have the option to change the colour scheme of the set design you choose. Once you have paid you will be sent a form.


Please note: Your instagram needs to be public in order for this service to work.


  • This is an Online Product. You will recieve a .PNG and .PDF format of your chosen rate card within 7 days of payment. Please ensure you enter the correct email address when you purchase.